A bit different but worth an inclusion i think

Run Slow

This piece is probably a bit of a strange one to put on this page as it was not written as a poem, but instead as my first foray into rapping. Which to be honest wasn’t very good in terms of flow, delivery and energy I.e. rapping ability (because i have none). But I did think it was quite strong lyrically, hence why I’ve posted it here. As my style of writing is not always very transparent I will tell you the songs meaning, especially considering that if you do not know my football history you may not be able to make the connection. The song is an emotional, physical and mental overview of the suffering I’ve experience due to chronic hamstring injuries.You might be thinking that it’s a strange topic to rap about, but i think its best to rap about the things that have deep meaning to you and this is certainly that.

The instrumental we (me and my cousin) used was from one of my favourite Kanye West songs called ‘Drive Slow’. Other than the fact that was in love with the song’s production and lyrics, I chose this track because I could feel a symmetry between the songs message of moving through your life with caution, in the way I felt I had to play football at the time.

Anyway here is the link, hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/alpha-cauwenbergh/run-slow

via Poetry | Storyteller, Poet & Intern at Wordsmith Inc..

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