Mini poetry project; Making poems from my favourite songs – Alien Ant Farm ‘Attitude’

I’ve been trying to find inspiration for new poems since I started this blog, and its been frustrating to only be able to post old poems from my past…Mainly because I’m desperate to see how (or maybe if) my skills have developed over the years, and to not be able to find the stimulation to put the metaphorical pen to the metaphorical paper is mildly infuriating. BUT THEN I was hit with a brilliant idea, you see everyone has their favourite songs, and within those their favourite lyrics. Which when listened too will nine times out of ten elicit an emotional response. So I decided to start a little poetry project where I take what I feel personally to be the most emotive lyrics of my favourite songs and use the feelings they stir inside me as the starting point for a new poem.

Below is the first of these new poems, the link to the song is attached too incase you want to hear it, I think you should as not only is it a great song! but it would be cool to hear what kind of emotion and thoughts it stirs in you.

Alien Ant Farm – Attitude (

And all this time I wasted away
Do not feel good unless you stay, stay, stay
And all this time I chased you away
Simply to catch back up with

Your solitude is welcome, welcome
Your attitude is welcome, welcome


Fortune does not favour me, maybe because I owe you…Singular in existence is all that is left, your breath is now as the wind, both blowing in the spaces we left.

A contradiction are the memories that own me, to love you is to hate you…Without both I don’t know myself, and just as morning with night know they are the days that god left, I know love from the last time that hate left.

Moving quickly through grief we hope for the strength to fight and syphon the truth away from a hate that past. Am I a travelling through life as light? For looking back at us is like seeing sins refracted in broken glass.

If this mirror is sand perfected, than does the truth of my flaws belong to coastal lands? Did the waves of perpetual doubt beat on our foundations until they became sand?

I do not know…

I wonder what is to come, but do not fear it, as I feel within that this solitude is welcomed.

© Alpha Maurice Cidade Cauwenbergh – Storyteller, Poet & Intern at Wordsmith Inc. 2015. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Alpha Maurice Cidade Cauwenbergh – Storyteller, Poet & Intern at Wordsmith Inc. with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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