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Kiss Of A Racist

Oceanside is a gym facility like any other. However, the day is not. This day will show Jenny, a Personal Trainer, and her fellow staff the true nature of love and hate. If it takes a village to raise a child, what persons made the villain?



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A bit of introspection on the train home…

My character & the coin

I had a relationship with patience.

She would calm me with a pause before my lips.

When hunger emptied my core, she’d fill it with a soft aroma.

Any doubts that lay with me, she could cast away with one question.

But i never loved her.

My head was turned – i saw a beauty that promised to fulfil my every desire.

We would sweat our bodies sore caressing spherical wants. She made me a better player than i was.

Wrapped up warm in front of a fire we poured every fantasy into pages that turned over quietly – perpetually, like her, like me. She made me a better writer than i was.

She was the opposite of patience, a constant need for the now. However, i couldn’t have known one without the other.

My greatest weakness, becomes my greatest strength – two sides, same character, same coin.

By Alpha Cauwenbergh

Haiku No. 19 – How much time do you spend searching for intangible truths?

🌀Haiku 19 – The Intangible



How much time do we spend searching for the intangible truths? What is it that will actually bring you peace?

Depression & Choice

🌀Haiku 18 – Despair, Choice.



The complicated way free will is threaded between hope, depression, life and death.



Do we really choose anything?



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Haiku No.14 – Faded

Haiku No.14🌀- Faded



Another non traditional one 🤓 there are many moments in life that leave you feeling ‘faded’ – Drinking is often the worse solution to the problem. Luckily I’ve never used alcohol in this way. However, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to feelings of regret or longing whilst under the influence.



That isn’t the poems only meaning, my work is always multilayered 🤓so delve in as deep as you can handle!

Just For Me – Haiku No.13

🌀Haiku No.13 – Just For Me



Went with another non traditional Haiku. I find it hard to limit myself to just poems about nature, so i used a song to help inspire this one. Can you guess which one?



What do you think is the meaning of this Haiku?



The Futility of Beauty

🌀Haiku No.10 – The Futility Of Beauty



This is another of those poetic pieces, with multiple meanings/metaphors/analogies. What does this poem say to you? Let me know, discussions are fun! 🤓



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The Dying Planet & The Prince


The Dying Planet

Starlight, pass me not.

Starlight, silver fingers stretching across black consciousness in reach.

Starlight, a feel of loss.

Starlight, glitter beyond abyss, tides of time will reach the hopeless beach.


The Prince

Kill, I tried – soaked the earth with my pride.

Again nothing came, spirit ablaze – the level reached, just the same.

Kill, I died – my race I couldn’t save, dwindled in size.

Again, life replenished anew, legendary form – but nothing was the same.

Recoil did my appetite – disgust, in broiled were the fallen ones – in rust.

Of skill, of mind, of everything in time – dishonour, it’s nigh, higher level, must climb.

The God of end – our fates were bent, this power is true, a lake – tranquil and blue.


By Alpha Maurice Cidade Cauwenbergh

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