Better late than never! Second ebook available on Amazon – Life For Rent

I haven’t posted on my blog since I released my first short story Kiss Of A Racist. In the six months plus since then, I’ve released a second ebook and will release my third before the 31st. Don’t ask me why the hiatus, because I wouldn’t have a good answer (crying face emoji). Regardless, I’m back like I left something!

I present to you my genre bending, and spectacular second ebook Life For Rent

Want to go further down this rabbit hole? Watch me in all my nerdy glory read & dissect a spoiler free excerpt from my ebook.

I hope you lovely gentlefolk enjoy this latest Alpha story!

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Don’t know how to feel about a bad review…

Got my first bad review today…In a way it was enivitable, in that it’s very unlikely you’ll continuously get very good ones. But still, when its your first one as a debut author it does leave a perculiar taste in your mouth. The gist of it was that the concept of the book was good/intriguing but just poorly executed. Needless to say, as the author I completely disagree, but i just have to remember that in the creative arts negative criticism are essential. They help you see different perspectives of your work and possible failings you could address in the future. When you’re in the early stages of promoting your novel the slings and arrows do hit a bit deeper, and sting slightly longer but you just have to continue with the belief that your novel will continue to receive more positive accliam then negative. So bring on the next review! πŸ’ͺ🏾

Ps does anyone know any good literary awards for independently published work? I’m very keen on seeing how mine will measure uo in such a competition.