Prince Masuda – ebook trailer!

Crimson is love. Crimson is vengeance.


Betrayed and left for the dead, Prince Masuda had forgotten his love in the sands of ancient Egypt.

In the millennia since, Masuda stalked the earth in search of that love – that crimson. Whether a faint odour or a drip on the tongue; the moonlit prowls through London led Masuda into an endlessly intimate dark. The immortal prince seduced & killed for it – his thirst for the crimson undying.

The tragedy was that Masuda repressed the most important with the dust under his feet. He left a trail of blood footsteps in the sand.

Ruby, a modern woman with a complicated heart searched for healing. Instead, she found a business card with two words written in red – ’The Crimson’. This was how the prince lived now. A gentleman for hire, and Ruby’s escort to another world.

In Prince Masuda’s ancient place, Ruby would be penetrated in every way. Her worn and tender places, his forever.