Haiku No. 19 – How much time do you spend searching for intangible truths?

🌀Haiku 19 – The Intangible



How much time do we spend searching for the intangible truths? What is it that will actually bring you peace?

The Futility of Beauty

🌀Haiku No.10 – The Futility Of Beauty



This is another of those poetic pieces, with multiple meanings/metaphors/analogies. What does this poem say to you? Let me know, discussions are fun! 🤓



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My debut novel is out on Monday!!

So excited that this day is finally arriving after two and a half years! My novel will be available in ebook and paperback forms from Amazon as of the 9th. All i can hope for now is that people enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it!

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A beautiful little piece my mum wrote – I didn’t even know she did any writing! I guess secret writing habits run in the family


Le Silence

Le silence evite les querelles

Le silence rend l’adversaire stupid

Le silence ecarte toute sorte de condemnation

Le silence vous distingue

Le silence vous donne l’autorite et le pouvoir

Le silence vous conserve

Le silence est l’ami de l’humilite

Le silence ferme l’acces au diable

Le silence donne raison

By Clemence Cauwenbergh

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