Was shown this old poem I wrote in 2011, I felt it had aged quite well, so i’m sharing it with all of you!

Waiting to fall (2011)

I stand at the precipice waiting for someone, or some feeling. My mind is clear but my vision is hazy at the precipice waiting for that feeling.

Tingles in my heart, butterflies at the start, the dance of that feeling…

I know its name i’m just waiting to fall.

The heart is deep, out of which I could crawl I know its name, that feeling… I’m ready to fall.

The times nearing, even at a whisper I can hear it. Although deaf to the meaning, when you speak its clear that its you that draws me here.

When you smile I know that its my heart you own, when we rest or play all doubt I fore go.

You raise my spirit to a point I envy the rain, falling so care free with no fear of pain. But you can wash it all away, new emotions I shall obey, like gravity for rain your love is the reason I came.

Futures untold as our story unfolds… Future is safe, I feel it when in your arms i’m enclosed.

Your cares and affections are to me like a womb, I will stay there where its warm…and let your heart play me a soft tune.

No longer fearful of my impending fall, darling there I will stay as my emotions form…until the day love is born.

By Alpha Maurice Cidade Cauwenbergh

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